iYPTDI through her programmes and projects carry out various activities that are aimed to reach out and engage young people proactively and productively. Some of these activities include:


 PRINT: Newspaper, Newsletters, Magazines, Brochures, Posters, e.t.c.

 ELECTRONIC: Television Show, Radio Show, Documentaries.

 MULTI-MEDIA & ICT: Training Kit/Tool, Internet, e.t.c.

 ENTERTAINMENT: Arts, Culture, Music, Drama, Events

 EDUCATION: Capacity Building, Workshops, Trainings, Conferences, e.t.c.


 MEMBERSHIP: This is done through the Youth Tourism Network (Youth Tourism Net), a wide membership network of young people, professionals and associate bodies guided by the principles and guidelines of the organization for impact at both rural and urban areas.

 VOLUNTEERS: The organization thrives in her divers initiatives through the involvement of volunteers from all walks of life in her various programs and projects.

 NETWORKING: The organization promotes strategic networking and has created some fast growing programme networks to enhance the participation of different young people interest groups and partners.

 ASSOCIATION: The organization promotes the African Student & Youth Travel Association (ASYTA), a student and youth tourism body that encourages students and other young people to maximize opportunities and possibilities in tourism as an effective tool for building cooperation, peace, regional integration, explore rich cultural experiences, local and international exchange and ideas sharing.


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