Get Involved

There are indeed several opportunities to get involved, either as

1. Partner

2. Sponsor

3. Donor

4. Lobbyst

5. Volunteer

6. Trainer

7. Mentor and others.

Please kindly contact us today and “lets do it together!”  


 iYPTDI                                                                     TELEPHONES

Registered Country Office                                    234 – 9 – 872 0851

Suite 40D, Block B, 4th Floor,                              234 – 702 606 8497

Anon Plaza                                                           234 – 805 426 7813

Joseph Gomwalk Street, Off Odumegwu Ojukwu Street

Gudu District                                             ,



  “There is no better way to bridge the gap in societies than to experience them”.


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