The Lighting Up Nigeria Project is a change orientation project initiative, that is about taking responsibility to become the change that we so much desire to see in Nigeria at all levels.The project deploys programs and mini-projects for communities, incubated and warehoused for sustainable development, creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, cultural, educational and scientific exchange among young people, including building a youth tourism resource database through ICT.    



There are some basic challenges and issues affecting youth economic empowerment in Nigeria and most African countries, especially the high unemployment rate, yet tourism is the highest sector employer of labour with over 40 career options to choose from. The lack of political and economic will for the development of sustainable tourism policies also poses a huge challenge. A glance at the current Nigeria’s Tourism, Trade and Industry policy and working documents, depicts the country more or less as a plausible “work‐in‐progress”. SETEP   is a project that is meant to formulate and support strategies, plans and programs that promote and ensure expansion and diversification of tourism, trade and cooperatives.  Environmentally sustainable industrialization, appropriate technology, conservation and preservation of other trade-able national products. To create jobs and generate wealth for poverty eradication in line with the United Nation World Tourism Organization agenda on wealth creation and benefit the young people socially and economically with the support from other relevant stakeholders, such as the World Bank and Global Environmental Facility(GEF) which has stepped up investment development for conservation potentials of eco-tourism since 1995. The Small Eco – Tourism Enterprise Project (SETEP) is a wide and resource based sustainable tourism project involving art, craft and other tourism related products created and made by divers rural and urban entrepreneurs. The project promotes and encourages tourism product exchange for export, economic trade advancement and poverty reduction. 


 The African Youth Tourism Round Table, is a project initiative under the auspices of the International Youth Peace Tourism and Development Initiative – iYPTDI with integral partnership with an African Executive committee of tourism bodies and experts from Africa and Africans in Diaspora. It is an annual convention of young professionals and experts in youth travels and tourism  to identify and come up with policies and programmes to effectively engage, build and strengthen the capacity of young people in tourism. The project initiative encourages young people to participate as strategic stakeholders and represent as the Future of Tourism in Africa, as the most effective panacea to curb youth restiveness and build a dynamic and productive youth tourism sector as an urgent response to the need for young people to emerge and take up responsibilities in the face of national and global development challenges threatening their very existence especially in developing economies. The goal of the African Youth Tourism Round Table is to contribute to building the awareness and strengthening the capacity of the African youth in tourism to participate in the global efforts of creating possibilities for mainstream contribution in the local and global economy thereby reducing poverty, enhancing the livelihood of communities, providing necessary infrastructure, combat climate change and most importantly attaining the MDGs. The African Youth Tourism Round Table focuses on capacity building and creative awareness strategies that assess the benefits and the risks evolving from youth travels and creatively come out with ideas to maximize the benefits, manage the risks and strengthen the capacity of students and youth to ensure implementation of recommended measures. The first African Youth Tourism Round-Table Charter will take  place in the Gambia and Nigeria in 2010/11.



The infrastructural project is a blueprint for building a world class international model centre in Abuja, Nigeria, for youth and peace tourism development, training, research, recreation, leisure and exchange facilities. The project will have other local and international centres in Africa and beyond.


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